November 13, 1970 - This is a new book and a new way of life.

I am presently patiently waiting for the holidays and a good friend of mine, Tom Engel, who will be out of Vietnam in December. I spent the last two Christmas' in Vietnam so I would like to spend this Christmas here with my family, then I'11 join the Peace Corps and that will be the beginning of a new life.

It looks like I won't be going into the Peace Corps. You have to have a trade to get in.

June 29, 1971 - I am now sitting in the House of Agape. I came back from Seattle yesterday. I went Saturday to my sister Kitty's house. She is now involved with some guy. After I visited with her a while I went to the House of Kaleb on Queen Anne Hill and met the brothers and sisters there; the first night I talked a lot with Merial. She's from San Francisco. She'll be going back as soon as she can get a ride.

I learned a lesson Sunday. I got a hitchhiking ticket. It's against the law to hitchhike in Seattle and I had been meaning to quit. Now I got a fine and don't have the money to pay for it.

I will be writing in this book from time to time as I am lead to write. Maybe this book will be a help to others as well as myself as the months and years pass by. I have been thinking lately of moving out of the House of Agape. I hate to leave this area because I have a lot of friends here. I don't want to pack up and move yet.

June 30, 1971 - Today while working on a farm I talked to a 13-year-old kid. He's pretty smart for his age. He is very interested in the end times. He is up here for the summer helping his father on his farm. He lives with his mother in Oregon. I don't really mind working at that farm. At first I wanted to quit, but decided not to. I think I'll work to the end of August then move out of here.

September 17, 1971 - I haven't written in this book for quite a while now. I burnt all the other books I had written from when I was 12 to 21. They were mostly force written. I'm keeping everything that I've written from the heart.


Mark walks most of the time now but falls down a lot still. Jason walks real good and is real steady. It is fun to watch those two play.

May 28, 1975 - Yesterday I built a little on my mom's lawn building. Today we are going over there again. I hope to finish it. Last night at work things went as usual. We are starting to make 1976 parts now. Later: I worked on the lawn building for a little while. I did one half of the roof and will have to do the rest on the weekend sometime. We all sat outside in the sun for a little while and talked before we left. It is hot today. I wish I didn't have to go to work. We are planning to get another dog. Bruce and Kathy Grow's dog is going to have pups. We want a male. The mother is German Shepard. Elmo is doing real good. He is still taking his pills every day. We are planning to have a 4th of July get-together at our house with both of our families attending.

May 30, 1975 - Today we got some new tires for the car. The mileage now is 11651.2.

May 31, 1975 - Today Mark started whistling. He doesn't do it when you want him to though but he'll just be playing around and start whistling. This evening my brother Kenneth and I finished the lawn building at my mom's. Next weekend Karen and Glenn are coming up this way.

July 18, 1975 - Our cat Fred had four kittens last night or early this morning. Kittens and mother are doing fine.

July 28, 1975 - Yesterday Art, Hazel, Cindy, Bonnie and her kids and Carl and Curt, Darlene and Wes, Mark and me went up to the North Cascade Highway on a 378-mile trip that took 11 hours. Friday the encyclopedias we ordered came while noone was home. They are the Encyclopedia Brittanica. We were glad to get them.

July 31, 1975 - The neighbors next to us want to tear down their fence so I can build one there. I went over to my mom's today for about 45 minutes and worked on the chicken coop taking the roof off. I think Saturday I will go over there again and work some more.

August 4, 1975 - Saturday I worked some more on the chicken coop and got 8 twelve-inch 2x4's out of the roof. Yesterday Art, Hazel and their family and Bonnie and Daniel and Adam and Cindy, Mark and I went looking for a place to go camping. We tried Deception Pass and Fort Casey but they were pretty crowded. Art is going to look at another state park on South Whidby Island this week. We might go camping there this next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

August 20, 1975 - Yesterday I chopped down two the the trees in our back yard. I plan to make a garden in the space there where about 9 trees are. I'm also planning to build a fence around the garden so the dogs won't trample it down. Last Saturday we went to the Bailey Family reunion. It was good to see all those people again. Mark is doing a lot more things now. He likes to look at books and is always going over to the bookcase and getting books out. Cindy is about a month pregnant so far. If it's a boy we will name him Bradley Allen Bailey. If it's a girl her name will be Stephenie.

March 7, 1976 - I am presently working for Art Grow parttime. I'm tearing down a building on Camano Island. Last week a man named Mr. Hicks and I finished the ground floor of the house. I am planning now to put a fence up in the front yard.

April 6, 1976 - We brought Bradley home today. He was born April 4th. I'm going to start looking for a job now. I've gotten to know our neighbor Dick J. He cut down the remaining trees on the east side of our back yard. Now I have to get the stumps up so we can have a garden.

May 27, 1976 - I had a tune-up done to the transmission of my car yesterday. My car needs a new oil pressure sending unit. I called Scott Paper Co. and Weyerhauser. Scott's say they will start taking applications for work at the end of summer. Weyerhaeuser said to call after July 4th.

June 19, 1976 - Brad has had the German measles since the 17th of this month. He seemed to be sick for a few days but now he's coming back to his normal self. German measles are a very mild form of measles. They are contagious and are not dangerous except around women within the first few months of pregnancy. It may cause blindness or deafness in the unborn child. Adam Barger has the German measles too. He broke out yesterday.

June 24, 1976 - We rented a piano and it came today. In a few months, or within a year we are going to buy our own piano. The rent we pay on this one will be used as the down payment.

Brad is finally starting to calm down more. He seems to be happier for longer periods of time now. He stops crying when you pick him up. This is a relief. It used to be that there was nothing you could do for him. He would just cry for seemingly no reason and for long periods of time. Maybe he was colicky.

June 28, 1976 - Christian Grow was born this afternoon to Bruceand Kathy. He weighed 10 lbs. The weather is getting hotter. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.

June 30, 1976 - Today I got a 55 gallon barrel full of pigeon manure from Everett Plywood. I used some of it to fertilize some plants and bushes around the house. I put some of it in a compost pile where I mixed grass clippings, ashes and water. In time I hope this will make good fertilizer.

July 27, 1976 - Presently I am working for Art Grow with 6 other guys tearing down the old Everett Plywood Mill. In September Art is going to start tearing down some building at Sand Point Naval Air Station, my birth place. I would like to help there. Cindy and the kids are fine. Mark is learning to talk more every day now. He seems to be pretty smart. Brad still cries a lot but he also smiles a lot. He's pretty strong and wirey.

August 10, 1976 - Today while Cindy was helping her mother at their new house Mark climbed up a ladder that was leaning against the garage. He climbed to the peak of the garage roof. Things are going ok down at the old plywood mill. We have most of the floor up in one of the buildings. I sold my '63 Chevy last Saturday to a kid named David H. who lives down the street. Today I pushed it to Bickford Motors with our new car I boughtfrom Michael Barger. It's a '68 Dodge. The motor heated up quite a bit after that haul.

September 6, 1976 - Labor Day - I've been working down at the old Everett Plywood Mill for the last few months now. Art hired 13 other guys. I'll have to lay two off tomorrow.

September 15, 1976 - I stirred up the compost pile I made earlier this year today. Art now has 20 workers as of today. Bruce is supposed to start working for him next week. Michael Barger is quitting his job at Bayliner and start working for Art soon.

Octobert 6, 1976 - I'm still working at Everett Plywood, tearing it down. We have 4 teams of workers working at different sections of the mill. One of the teams are working on the main building in the front. Right now they are taking up the second floor. The building is almost completely down. There is a team of workers taking up some tongue and groove. Another team is taking up another section of tongue and groove in back. Bruce G. and Michael Barger are now working down here. So far everything is going ok. Art plans to have Carl, Terry, Bruce, Mike Barger, Curt and me work together on the next job he gets.

October 9 1976 - Brad said his first word today. He started, "Oh daa,daa,daa,daa." He just started another stage. He's starting to become active and expressing himself more. He is very friendly to people and smiles a lot when he is happy. People comment about him like they did to Mark in stores. He still cries a lot when he is sad. I worked again down at Everett Plywood with a guy I know from Alabama named Ron Jacks. He was the first guy Art hired. He quit for a while but couldn't find any work so he came back and we rehired him. Bruce and Michael Barger also worked down there today.

October 11, 1976 - Ron Jacks gave me their cat today. They are moving back to Alabama around the 22nd of this month. He gave me his address. I'm going to write him after he moves.

October 19, 1976 - Michael Barger worked down at the mill for a couple of days then quit. Bruce started taking over the front. He had a couple aurguments with his dad then quit. Now he's coming back. I've been working on my decopage pictures. I got a router. I'm building up some stock.

November 28, 1976 - Cindy and I went to Seattle today. Brad has just started to drag himself around on the floor now. It won't be long now till he starts crawling. Mark is starting to talk a lot now. He can get most of his thoughts across to us.

November 29, 1976 - I heard on the TV Friday that Monroe Reformatory is going to hire some guards so I went up to see if I could get on. I didn't get hired but the lady up there said that I had a pretty good chance of getting on there since I'm already excepted as guard material since I am a veteran.

December 4, 1976 - Brad is 8 months old today and we noticed that he is crawling pretty good. He's starting to get into everything. He is more penetrating than Mark was when he was that age. He also has a lot of determination. Thursday the Monroe Reformatory called Cindy while I was at work to tell me I had a job. I start December 15th at 8 am.

December 8, 1976 - I won't be working for Art Grow much more for now. I've got to call him up tonight to see if he wants anything specific done that I can do.

Brad has started to wave now and says, "bye bye", and "nite nite". He also crawls around the whole house. He goes anywhere he wants to go. He also has two teeth coming in.

December 16, 1976 - I got my job at the reformatory. I've got a long road of learning ahead of me now. Brad waves all the time now at everybody. Mark is starting to grow up a lot now. One of the phrases he uses is, "I want to hold you" when he wants to be picked up. I've been working on 45 decoupage placques lately. That's quite a change from last year. Back then I had around 10 I was working on. I hope by next year I'll have enough finished to start selling.

December 27, 1976 - I've been working at Monroe Reformatory for 12 days now and I really like it. I think I will continue to like it if I can stay on the positive side of things and not dwell on the negative.

December 30, 1976 - I started burning some of the piles of cedar branches that were in my back yard. This morning I got up before breakfast and burnt some. Now that I'm working at the reformatory I plan to put all my efforts in things that I want.

January 1, 1977 - The other day I uncovered the compost pile I started last June and entered into this book. I hope to use it in some way. Sometimes this yard seems impossible to keep up but now that I'm planning to concentrate on it maybe I can do something with it. I've got a lot of ashes from burning all those cedar branches. I will shovel them into the ground somewhere. The sun had been shining bright for the last few weeks. Right now I'm sitting in the sun. Mark and Brad have colds and coughs. A few days ago I made some cough syrup out of compressed sugar and purple onion. It makes a good syrup but after taking it for a few days it makes you sick. Last night we put peppermint and red food coloring in it but it still had a faint flavor of onion. Cindy's been asking for some cough syrup with expectorant in it. I got my first check yesterday from the reformatory. I got $317.35 for a half a month. I love my job. Will write more later,

January 13, 1977 - I dug a pit in our backyard today about 3'x3' wide and 7'long. I don't know but I might dig it deeper. It's going to be used as a compost pile. I need a wheelbarrow and a maddox right now. I've got to start moving some earth around here pretty soon. Right now I am boiling some carrots. I'm going to fry them after they are tender. I hear they're pretty good that way. I've never tried them that way before. My job is getting better and better every day.

February 17, 1977 - For the last couple of weeks, on my days off, I've been working out in my yard moving earth around. I took a rotten stump out last week and started levelling off an area to put our picnic table. Yesterday Cindy and I moved the picnic table. I also moved the dog houses to the back yard. Mark helped me make a rockery. In general the place looks a lot better than it did. I still have a lot of work left to do. Every year it's getting better. I still have six stumps to dig out. Brad has turned out to be quite a happy baby. He goes to anyone and doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone. He loves his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Cindy tells me that John and Sandy H. are crazy about him. He's a very happy baby, but very quiet. He says a few things but keeps mostly to himself. Mark is growing to be a pretty big boy now. He's helpful to us. He catches onto things quick. His vocabulary is increasing every day. He seems sharp and is quite a bit of an extrovert.

February 28, 1977 - Brad has taken his first steps now. He can only take about three at a time before he falls on his face. He seems to realize he's learning something. We are all around him encouraging him and coaxing him. He seems pleased in what he's doing. Last week I planted over 100 daffodil bulbs that I got from Camano Island last year. Everything at work is ok except for occasional rough spots.

March 10, 1977 - Now that spring is coming there is a lot to do. I have been working in the yard whenever I have the chance. Today I worked for Art G. for a couple of hours building a fence. The money comes in handy.

Brad still hasn't walked more then a few steps at a time. He hasn't done anything new lately. Mark is starting to talk more now. He's starting to construct sentences. He's interested in his books. I received a letter from Ron Jacks a few days ago.

April 16, 1977 - Cindy and I have been working all day painting the livingroom and laying linolium on the floor. It took just about all day. Last week I dug a ditch in front of the garage door and filled it with rocks to act as a drain when it rains. Water had always collected into a puddle in front of the garage door and flooded the garage floor. We got our cat Amy out of the vet today. She seems just as sick as when we took her in a few days ago. This has cost us $74.00, which I don't think is worth it.

At present we have two hamsters running loose in our house. Every once in a while you see one run across the floor. We spent a couple of hours catching one last night and then this morning we found them both gone.

I'm still working on the stumps in the back yard. I took two more out a couple weeks ago. I have also started digging on the 5 remaining ones. I'm getting more and more in the mood to dig them out as time passes. Curt G. is taking quite a few of my decoupage pictures to the swap meet tomorrow. If any sell it will be encouraging to me and will give me some incentive to keep making them. I am now stuck on the idea of making frames on them. I have some edging I would like to use. My dad has a miter saw he said he'd sell me for $8. Next time we go down to Olympia I will pick it up. I should start planting pretty soon. I bought a bunch of seeds. I hope this year I will be a little more sucessful with my garden. I got some fertilizer (cow manure) from Michael Barger a couple months ago and have spread it around in some places where I want to grow things. Also I have a compost pile that I dug which will make good compost each year once it gets going. Well, this is about all for now. I will write more tomorrow.

April 17, 1977 - Today I planted sunflower seeds, squash, pumpkins, zucchinni, gourds, grape seeds, apple seeds and carrots.
I've been working the soil a little bit in the last couple months, so I hope at least some of these things will grow. Curt took my pictures to the swap meet today and sold four of them.
I've noticed as I was walking around the swap meet that most of the homemade pictures that were selling were still there by the end of the day. I feel lucky that I even sold what I did. To have someone buy something I made with my own hands and put on their wall is the dream of every artist. I hope now that they don't end up in the Salvation Army in a few years. Well I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Cindy and I are planning to go down to Olympia to see my folks this Saturday.

June 22 1977 - I finished digging out another stump today. I have 4 more to go. I will be working on them again tomorrow.

June 23, 1977 - I started early this morning digging up a stump. I quit at noon, ate lunch then went to Everett to Cindy's parents' house. I helped make a clothesline for Cindy's mom then Wes and I went swimming at Flowing Lake in Snohomish. Cindy's dad gave us two eight-foot 4x4's and two three-foot 2x6's to make a clothesline with. Later we came home and had dinner. I worked on a stump for a while after dinner and put creosote on the 4x4's. I came in the house and played with the kids for a while then when they went to bed. I went out in the garage and put a coat of varethane on the plaques I'm working on now. After that I came in and watched a little on the TV, then went to bed.

sketch of small cabin by Mike Bailey


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