3-21-85 - This is the beginning of another book. April 2nd I will take another airplane to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit my Uncle Guy Bailey and his sister Winnie Freeman.

One of the reasons why I'm going there is to gather family history. I will be taking a tape recorder so I will have a lot on tape. If everything goes like we have planned Guy and I will drive to Oregon, but his health is failing so he may not feel up to it.

While in Minnesota last year I was talking to a 3rd cousin of mine by the name of Matt Grover. He said that through the Staats line we had Delaware Indian in our blood. William Bailey's wife, Carrie Staats claimed to be Pennsylvania Dutch. That means her ancestors must have moved to Pennsylvania, possibly from Holland or Germany at the time when Delaware Indians were in the area. One her grandfathers must have married an Indian maiden when he got off the boat. The Delaware Indians were gradually pushed off the land after William Penn died. First they took refuge on Iroquois soil where they stayed for a while under Iroquois dominance. Then they bought land with the money the white man gave him. They lived there for a while until they sold it and went further west. Finally after moving 4 times this way they bought a tract of land in Kansas. Here they fenced their farms, built houses and a church. Here they settled for a while. After a while they were forced to move again. They signed a 6th treaty with the white men and moved one more time to Oklahoma where the soil wasn't as fertile. This is just a glimpse of what the Delaware Indians did.

3-25-85 - As the day approaches that I will be leaving I feel anxious. I hope to extensively interview my aunt and uncle this time when I see them. I need to get more and more information on the Bailey family. I have many ideas for writing. Now that I've finished my book, "Baptized by Fire." I have printed up quite a few copies. I already have an idea for the next book I want to write. My next step with "Baptized by Fire" is to straighten up the manuscript and take it to a publisher.

I am slowly getting everything packed and ready to take to the storage locker. I made two trips today.

3-28-85 - I went to visit my dad last night. He told me a little about his life. In 1944 When he was 17 he was working in a field in Coupleville, Washington when an airplane flew by very low. As it went by he could see the pilot and co-pilot waving at them. My dad decided then and there that that was the life for him. Shortly after that he joined the Navy. First the recruiting officer told him he should finish high school because if he joined the Navy he would just be going to more school. My dad didn't care, he wanted to join the Navy and become a gunner on an airplane. They let him and he passed the tests and went to school in Florida. Then he spent a little time on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Florida. During that time 5 planes got lost in the Burmuda Triangle. He thinks that the planes got blown off course by tremendous winds in the area. They fly further and further out to sea where they run out of fuel and crash. After he went to gunner school he spent a total of 2 years in the Navy and was discharged. He came back to Washington. He worked for a while at a couple of canneries in Anacortes, then went back to Coupeville where he and my mother got married.

My mother has told me that when my dad got out of the service, she was a waitress in a little resturant in Coupeville. My dad walked in. It was August 2. He remembered that it was her birthday, because his birthday was 7 days after that, so he wished her a happy birthday. They started to go with each other and got married soon after that.

Later: I moved just about all the rest of my stuff out of this house today, then I went down to Seattle and walked around for a while, then I came back. Today is Thursday, I have five days left before I leave.

My friend Mike B. is coming over Monday and stay over night. We are going to get up at about 8 am. He is going to drive me down to Sea-Tac Airport where I will catch a plane headed for Tulsa. We plan to get there with enough time to eat breakfast.

I would love to travel to England, Ireland and Scotland. Maybe someday I'11 be able to save up my money and go.

I feel empty with all my stuff gone. I miss my books. I'll be living out of a suitcase for a while now until I get back. I can't turn back now that I've put my hand to the plow.

3-29-85 - Today I was walking across the street to go to Fred Meyer when I spotted my dad. He had seen me waiting for the light and pulled into a gas station. We went down to Eve's Buffet and had some coffee and talked about the state of our affairs for a few hours. We then went to Lynnwood to a couple of garage sales. We visited Johnny Bailey's sister briefly then proceeded back to Everett. We stopped at the Pantry Cafe and had a hamburger then continued to Everett. I got off at the intersection where we had met. Later in the day I went to the library and got some information on some Scotch-Irish history. All of this relates to Bailey Family History. It goes as follows:

3-30-85 - Today I brought Mark and Brad up to the library. I thought we would spend a couple hours here. I wanted to research a little more before I left for Tulsa. I feel a little sad today for some reason. I don't know if it is the weather or not. I don't think so. The weather usually doesn't affect my moods. The sky is overcast. I think I am in doubt over many things.
We left the library. I didn't do any researching on my subjects. I just couldn't get into anything. Today everything is just humdrum. It will be good traveling again. When I return to Everett this time I will have to get a job and an apartment right away. I have confidence that these things will fall in line when I get back.

I think I'm happiest when I'm working on a book. When I was actively writing it and putting it together writing it and having it printed up and then letting other people read it. That all seems to be behind me now. I guess I should busy myslelf with working on something else now. That's just it. I can't get any of my stuff because it is all locked up in a storage locker. Maybe the absence of all my stuff is putting me in a depressed mood. Whatever it is I hope it quickly leaves.

Today Mark pulled two of his teeth out. One was very loose. The other he had to work on for a while. He is at the age where he is pretty testy. Right now I am trying to impress on both Mark and Brad not to spend every penny they have. I think my kids are quite a trial for me when they are around me.

I have been thinking of trying to get an apartment in Lowell when I get back to be near my sons. Mark seemed to be very glad at this. If I move to Lowell my kids can come and visit me more often.

3-31-84 - Tommorrow I go down and receive my last check for this job. I would like to start leaving tomorrow. I don't know if I want to stay another night here. I have to finish some business and then I will be free, so I may go. Tuesday Mike B. was going to take me to Seattle-Tacoma Airport. I called Mike earlier and am now waiting for his reply. I will call again at 10 if he doesn't call. I am anxious to get to Tulsa to see how my aunt and uncle are doing and to get going on this trip that Guy and I have waited so long to take.

Today my ex-wife Cindy called me and we talked for quite a while. I think something was accomplished.

A few minutes later: Mike called a few minutes ago. He said I could stay overnight at his house tomorrow night. That solves the problem of getting a hotel room. I will get all my business taken care of here and then take a bus to Lynnwood at around 5 pm tomorrow. I may go to Seattle. I don't know yet. I called Kathy H. She is going to be looking for a place for me to stay when I get back. Also she is going to help me get a job. She'll be looking while I'm gone.

4-1-85 - I got up this morning and took care of all my business in Everett and then took a bus to Seattle so I could look up some information in the Seattle library before going down to Oklahoma. Later in the day I will take a bus to Lynnwood and stay over at Mike's house as I have mentioned earlier. I have finally concluded that my family was originally Scotch-Irish. My quest now is to find out what being Scotch-Irish means.

5:47 pm I am now on a bus that I caught in downtown Seattle. I am headed for Lynnwood.

I spent about 5 hours talking to Mike's dad. He was with the army in World War II. He was a navigator on bombers. He went on bombing missions over Russia and other places.

4-2-85 - We made it to the terminal. Mike and I ate breakfast and now we are waiting for the plane. I have about 3 hours before I board. This flight is 156. I have seat 12C.

10:48 - I am in the plane now. It is not too full. There are many empty seats. I am sitting over the wing. The stewards gave a demonstration on many things and now we are on the airstrip. We are on our way to the runway.

11:07 - We are already above the clouds. I can see Mount Rainier. It is a beautiful sight. We are flying straight south. Mt. Rainier is very clear except for a little mist forming at the top. Now we are turning southeast. Mt. Rainier is still in view at 11:10 am. It is to the left out my window. This airplane is still ascending higher and higher.

11:11 - Now Mt. Rainier is a spectacular view. I can see the whole Cascade Range. Clouds shroud everything else except the mountains. We are passing right over the top of Mount Rainier. It is an awesome sight. There is a crater on the very top. The rest of the top is very smooth and rounded. It looks like a good place to take a sled. It looks so tranquil and beautiful, but it is dangerous down there.

11:16 - We are still flying at an upward angle. The eastern side of the mountain is somewhat clear. There are fewer clouds here then on the western side as usual. We will arrive in Tulsa at 6 pm tonight. I called Guy about a half hour before I left. He said he will be waiting at the airport for me. I have not felt any turbulance since we have been up here.

We are 37,000 feet up now. The pilot came over the intercom and said we were leveling off, but we still seem to be at an upward angle.

12:11 - I look down and see a vast blanket of snow on the landscape below. I wonder if it will be snowing in Tulsa. Guy and I may want to wait until the snow has melted if it is. I'll see when I get there.

Many thought are coming to me while we are flying.

12:57 - We are coming into the Denver area and are descending.

1:38 - I am sitting in the Denver Terminal. We have about an hour to wait before flight 156 continues onto Oklahoma City and then on to Tulsa.

The people are different here than they are in Washington it seems. Life is slower in the midwest and therefore is less exhilarating than in Washington.

2:22 - We are in the air again. This flight is a little more bumpy then the flight from Seattle to Denver. I think it has a lot to do with the pilot. We are flying at 33,000 feet.

3:05 - We seem to be descending. The pilot has not come over the intercom system to tell us anything. Anyway, the flight to Oklahoma City was supposed to take about one hour.

3:22 - Oklahoma City looks beautiful from the air. It's fairly green this time of year.

3:25 - We have landed.

Some of the members of my mother's side of the family came over to this country as Quakers. Others were Puritans on the Sherman side. My dad's family must have been rough and tumble Presbyterians. There is a vast difference in the way of thinking of these people.

We haven't left the plane since it landed. It is quite hot here. It's about 73 F. This plane should soon take off again for Tulsa. I can see I'm going to have to readjust my thinking now that I'm down here. The people speak different and have a whole different lifestyle. It will be good to talk to Guy, Joyce and Winnie again.

6:07 - I changed my watch to Oklahoma time zone. We have started for the runway. It will take 20 minutes to get to Tulsa.

6:16 - We are in the air now and should be there pretty soon.

I met Guy at the place where we planned to meet-at the place where baggage is claimed. We got in his car and went to their house. Everything went perfect. Guy started right in telling me all kinds of stories. We talked for a couple of hours then watched tv for a while then talked some more. Tomorrow we are supposed to see Winnie. It is passt 12 midnight so I will close for now.

4-7-85 - We got up this morning, ate breakfast and talked for a while. We are still here not doing much.

4-7-85 - I've been getting some stories from Guy and Winnie. I've been thinking about my kids. I haven't seen them in a while. We are still in Tulsa. We are supposed to leave tomorrow for Portland but it looks like we won't be leaving until Tuesday. Winnie is going to go to Washington in May to visit her sister Edith in Anacortes. She told me she is going up there to ask Edith and Richard if she could move up there and live with them. She is also going to ask them if they could help her get rid of her stuff in Tulsa and help her move to Washington. She is 87 years old and doesn't expect to live much longer and doesn't want to live down here alone. Her husband died less then a year ago. Guy is leaving Tulsa and doesn't want to ever come back here. He's leaving his wife here. She has a mother living in a nursing home here and helps take care of her so is staying here to make sure she gets proper care in the nursing home where she lives. I am surrounded in this situation by three senior citizens.

4-9-85 - Today Joyce let me borrow her car and I drove to Oklahoma City to visit a friend at 3 o'clock. I have a few hours so I went to the library in town and looked at some books. I realize now that I am not in Oklahoma City but Del City which is west of Oklahoma City. My friend Thom Engel lives in Midwest City. It is not far from here. I sent a copy of my book, "Baptized by Fire" to Thom before I came down here. Last night on the phone he gave me a very favorable response to it. We were friends when we were in high school. We were in a rock & roll band together and later formed a folk group and performed at a talent show in school. The last time I saw Thom was when he came to Everett to see his sister in the hospital when she had a stroke. That was a few months ago. I stopped in Del City to get a cup of coffee and write in this book.

Later: I came to a shopping mall on the way to visit Thom. Guy and I are supposed to be leaving for Oregon tomorrow. We were supposed to leave yesterday then he said he wanted to wait another day. Now it is tomorrow and we didn't leave. I didn't want to waste this day so I decided to come over and see them.

The people here have a strange accent to me. Their words are very drawn out. It's a typical southern accent. To me it's a very lazy way of talking. I'm sure I sound different to them with my Northern accent and short, blunt way of speaking.

Later: 2:58 pm - I came to Thom's house but found that he is not home. He told me last night on the phone that he had a dentist appointment at 2 so this may be what is delaying him. Later Thom and I went to a resturant. We talked about writing and other things, then we drove over to his mailbox where he found a card from me among other things. Then he went home and I left.

Guy doesn't know if he wants to leave tomorrow or not. I think he is having a hard time working up enough energy to make the trip. I'm trying to not rush him. He gets sick every night. He told me quite a few stories tonight.

The plan today is that we will leave tomorrow. 1:43pm - I went to downtown Tulsa and walked around for a while.

I brought it to a little park on the way back where I will eat it. I may have to get back in the car because it feels like it is going to rain. A few drops are coming down and the wind is blowing hard. This park is a nice place. There are a lot of trees.

4-11-85 - We are about to leave Tulsa. We are sitting in the carport. Guy and Joyce are saying good-bye. The time is 10:59 am.
11:06 am - We are driving down Highway 44 heading toward Oklahoma City.
3:44 pm - Crossed the Texas-Oklahoma line. This is the first time I've ever been in Texas.
6:18 pm - Went through Amerillo, Texas.
7:19 pm - Crossed the Texas-New Mexico line.

4-12-85 - We made it as far as Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Stayed the night and are off again this morning. We ate breakfast at the Silver Moon Resturant, and now we are about to leave heading west.
We went through Albuquerque, New Mexico. Later we got gas in a little town. We made reservations for the night at the Motel 6 in Flagstaff, Arizona.
1:04 pm - Passed the Continential Divide.
2:11 pm - We crossed the Arizona-New Mexico border.
3:00 pm - We ate lunch at Chambers, Arizona. When we were finished we continued west. The rock formations and scenery in this state are fantastic; it is quite hot but it is a good day to drive being springtime. The sky is blue and there are clouds here and there in the sky. The landscape is miles and miles of prairie-type land and rock formations jutting out here and there making it an interesting ride. I am tired of sitting all day in a car though. We should get to Flagstaff by 6 o'clock. It's S o'clock now. Maybe I'll be able to get out of the car when we get there and stroll around town for a while.

5:15 - We are now heading toward some beautiful blue mountains. There are also rounded hills off to the right. Deep dark green bush-like trees line the highway. Far ahead of us to the left it looks like rain falling from the dense clouds. I saw a sign not far away say that we are 28 miles from Flagstaff. There is snow in the mountains in front of us. The ground around here is dried parched yellow. As we pass grades where the highway was cut out of the layers of rock. We passed many roadside points of interest. In these places they have teepees set up. Signs advertise pottery, blankets, jewelery and other things that are handmade by the Indians in this part of the country. Mexicans also make some of these things. We should be in Flagstaff pretty soon. We passed a sign that said 15 miles a little while ago.

We made it to Flagstaff and got room 18 at the motel. On the way here there were a lot of scrubby pines everywhere along the highway coming into town.

Goober by Mike Bailey

4-13-85 - We got up this morning, ate breakfast at the Summit View Resturant. We decided to go north on Highway 180 to the Grand Canyon. The road is lined with stout, bushy pine trees of some type. They are quite different from all the desert country we went through in the past few days. We have about 57 more miles to go before we get to the Grand Canyon. There are mountains, or rather round hills on both sides of us and to our front. Still the endless miles of trees.
9:20 am - We are now in what appears to be a valley. Grand Canyon is about 37 miles away. We are passing desert-like country. All along the way is dried grass and sage brush-like plants, The San Francisco Mountains are off to our left.
9:29 am - We came to a junction and met Highway 64. Grand Canyon is 28 miles away. The land now is desert-like with small green bushes.
9:38 - We are passing taller trees now. They look like scrub pine.
9:50 - We are passing Grand Canyon Village.
10:04 - I am now at Grand Canyon at Mathers Point. It is the most spactacular sight I have ever witnessed with my own eyes. This is one of the 7 wonders of the world.
10:15 - Now we are on our way to Cameron. 58 miles.
10:29 - Stopped at Grandview Point. We got there at the same time some hikers had walked up from the canyon. They were singing, playing guitars and harmonicas. Their singing was good.
11:24 - We entered Cameron. 82 miles to Page. There are Indian stands along the highway where they sell jewelery, blankets, etc. This land is nothing but desert and mounds. The Indians live along the road in mud huts. They live in little round houses called Hogans.
11:39 - Page 66 miles. All this is called the painted desert.
12:02 - Page 42 miles. We stopped to look at a stone built hogan, and also a wooden one next to it. They were quite interesting.
1:44 - We got to Page and had lunch at a Kentucky Fried Chicken place.
1:52 - We left Page and are now headed for Utah. We are now in Utah.
2:24 - In the distance some mountains look purple, others look green. There are miles and miles of canyon walls, ridges and other awe-inspiring points of interest. We can also see plateaus. We are 16 miles from Modena. Then we will come upon Uvada. Then we will be in Nevada. A few hours ago we crossed a mountain range and got to over 10,000 feet above sea-level. There was quite a bit of snow in the mountains but not on the road. Right now we are going through endless acres of sage brush with mountains in front of us.
5:45 - Entered Nevada. Nevada is very mountainous. There are mountains on both sides of us, in front of us and behind us. We rarely pass a car on this highway. The landscape is endless sage brush. It is green. We saw a couple of small bands of antelope.
Later we stopped at a Motel 6 in Ely, Nevada.

4-14-85 - We got up this morning and ate breakfast at a Jerry's Resturant. Guy is going to have the oil changed in his car. Nevada is a pretty mountainous state. There is a lot of open range. The cattle are free to roam in the road.
We are over 7,300 feet in elevation.
12:16 - We have come upon a range of white capped mountains. They are majaestic.
1:22 - Earlier today a small bird flew into the headlight on my side. I'm sure it killed it. A little while later Guy's car had a blow out.
The Pony Express used to ride through this section of Nevada in 1860-1861 until it was replaced by telegraph.
2:06 - We stopped to eat lunch at a place called Cold Spring.
2:25 - Reno 107 miles. Every once in a while I see old Pony Express ruins of buildings with cyclone fences built around them. Most of the ruins are brick or stone of yellowish brown color.
3:12 - We are in Falton City now.
Off to the side of the road there are whirlwinds. We saw a large one that was about 1,000 feet high and about 4 or 5 feet at the base. It is an amazing sight. Looking at it I could see the dust twisting with great force. These columns of dust can be seen intermitently in the prairies along side the road.
3:38 - Reno 33 miles.
We got on a freeway at last. Interstate 80
4:06 - We are at Sparks now. Reno is two miles farther.
5:34 - We stopped in Sparks at Nuggets Casino. Guy threw away $30.00. I threw away 75 cents on a one armed bandit.
5:42 - Entered California. At the border we were stopped and asked if we had any oranges, grapefruit or any other fruit with us. We said no. They gave us a pamphlet and we drove on.
8:02 - We should be coming to Alturas pretty soon. We're going to spend the night there.
8:10 - Welcome to Alturas. We arrived at Alturas and got a room at the Essex Motel. We ate at another Jerry's Resturant. Had a bowl of lima bean soup and a piece of corn bread. I think Guy is beginning to understand me a little better, and I him. I think we're coming to an understanding. We passed a terrible accident on the way here which affected us both. The car had gone off the road at a very high speed and rolled several times. It was a horrible scene. The ambulance was there and the medics were working on someone lying on the ground a few yards from the car. Debris and litter from the car was strewn all over the place. It was horrible and gruesome. This got us to talk about tragic experiences we had in our lives. This whole scene has caused Guy and myself to be a little kinder to each other. The people in California seem to be more alert then in other places.

4-15-85 - 9:33 am. We got up and ate breakfast at Jerry's and are now leaving Alturas. We have gone approxamately 2,000 miles on this trip so far.
10:06 - We are passing a nice wooded area. The trees in this section are Yellow Pine. I have also noticed some birds. I saw a small black bird with red on its wings, and a large blue bird with a colorful tail.
10:45 - We passed into Oregon. This is a large farming area. They grow potatoes around here. Especially in Northern California. The soil is rich and black. There were quite a few potato warehouses in northern California. We're back in God's country, The Great Pacific Northwest.
11:17 - We are going through Klamath.
12:33 - 91 miles to Eugene.

The following is a brief description of the land we're passing through:
    Pine trees on both sides of the road.
    A white capped mountain ahead.
    A small business section ahead. Gas stations and eating places.
    Open road ahead.
    Miles of timber. Blue in the distance and green in the foreground.
    Patches of snow in places.
    The side of the road is brick red gravel or dirt.
    Sunset Cove Campgrounds,
    The trees are getting thicker and taller, more fir than pine.
    Passed Cresent Lake.
    A resort to the right.
    More miles of open road.
    Occasional traffic coming in the opposite direction.
    Odel Lake.
    West Acres
    A bear crossed the road in front of us. He was fairly small with black shiny fir.
    Coming down the side of a mountain on a smooth road.
    Waldo Lake 3 mile to junction
    Do not pass
    Waldo Lake Arrow
    Noble Pine along the way.
    We are on a 6% grade.
    Tunnel a mile.
    The tunnel was fairly short
    Very mountainous on right.
    Trees and cliffs
    Truck escape ramp
    Entering storm damage area
    We are still descending off the mountain.
    A river to the left.
    We went under a rail road bridge.
    Down grade.
    Coming to houses and towns.
    Oak Ridge pop 3,000
1:55 - We stopped at an A&W and had lunch. We are passing alot of log trucks. We are winding down a mountain road now. Everything is green. 11 miles to Eugene. The landscape reminds me of Washington. It's cool and cloudy here.
2:33 - We are on Interstate 5 now.
3:38 - We stopped at a rest area for a few minutes and are back on the road.
4:17 - Portland 17 miles.
We are on our way to Guy's son Curtis's house now. He has a box that belongs to Guy that has information in it. He also has a picture of William Bailey that he's going to let me get a negative of. Guy wants to visit his sister Esther in Salem in a few days.
4:53 - We have arrived in Portland. I am waiting for Guy to get out of the bank where he went to see about an interest check.

4-16-85 - 12:45 We made it to Curt and Judy's. I was given the camper to sleep in and Guy is sleeping on the couch. Guy's health is getting poorer and poorer. He can hardly do anything. He is very weak. Tomorrow we will look at the Bailey Family pictures.

We traveled 2,495 miles from Tulsa to Portland, Oregon. We are still here at Curt and Judy's. I came in the house and had to fix breakfast for Guy. Judy is sick. I don't know how long we will be here at Curt's house. Guy is on the phone putting an ad in the Portland Oregonian trying to sell his mobile home in Brookings, Oregon. He seems concerned about my finacial situation.

Stories and family information:

William Porter was Grandma Robinson's father. William Porter's brother-in-law, the man who wrote the following letter married William Porter's sister.

December 3, 1855
Jackson County, Oregon Territory, Ashland Mills
Well William Porter, it is snowing like the devil here today, but we are all well and hope this may find you and your family the same if you was here now. We would have the bear hunt but don't come just for the sake of the hunt. A few days ago I and another went out to look for a bear. We got on the track of two cubs. We tracked them about 5 miles up towards the top of the mountain, but the tracks got so thick we quit them and killed two big bucks and made our way home. I send this for a small sample of the plains, but don't you believe this is all you will see. You will see and feel more than you ever thought of in your life but don't let this back you out. I haint much to write at present. I can't say much about this country at present. You will see pap's letter. It has some things in it that you in haint heard, and Mother Beams also. The Indian War in Oregon makes times very dull, and that don't suit me. I fear I shall have to move out of the valley on Eloe because we are in the line of danger. All next summer the Indians can't be out of these mountains very soon. The only saftey there is for familys not to live at home is because the mountains is covered with snow. The Indians have bragged that they intend to burn the valley up and kill all the whites in it. Jackson sends his love to you all. No more at present. We remain yours truely,

Bennet and Anmilda Million

Direct your letter,
Ashland Mills

Jackson County, Oregon Territory

4-19-85 - I'm sitting out here in this camper. I'm about ready to go in the house. I've been thinking about my sons lately. It will be good to see them when I get back to Everett.
1:40 - We are on our way to Aunt Esther's house in Salem, Oregon. We went down to Esther's house and talked to her for a while. Winnie is planning to go to Ancortes May 5th and Guy and I might go up there then. Esther is going and she urged Guy to go. If they all go all the surviving children of Walter and Lucy Bailey will be together. Winnie, Guy, Esther and Edith are the oldest members of this branch of the Bailey family.

4-20-85 - Today is another day. I'm sitting here in this camper. Now that I'm totally uprooted in life, I've got to think of a way to settle back in when I go back to Everett. I constantly have delusions of granduer, but when faced with reality I am able to accept what comes.
6:33 - Nothing's been happening today. I almost wish that I didn't come on this trip. I started out with the intention of gathering some family history, which I have gotten.
Life around here seems to be going by me. When I get back to Washington I'm going to have to get a job of some type. I want to get a cooking job somewhere, but that's so far away I can't think about it now.

4-22-85 - Guy put an ad in the paper to try to sell his mobile home. He's gotten a few calls but no definate leads.
I'm thinking of going back to Everett soon. I think I should go back to Everett and get a job now. It's no use for me to stay down here doing nothing just waiting around all day when I can be accomplishing something up there. Guy wants to put another ad in the paper Thursday and carry it over to next Sunday. I think it's best that I go back to Everett. I've got to do something with my life. I think that I accomplished this by getting negatives of all those pictures.


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