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WhatRain is pleased to welcome you to Travels with Bruce. Bruce took nine trips from 1989 to 1995 and with his camera he documented each. Like these tours themselves the images are uneven but present the trips well. Sometimes it rains and if you are 79, as Bruce was when he started these journeys you sometimes do not feel well enough to take in the outings or get off the bus. But still there is nothing like travel to raise the spirit and Bruce did like to travel.
Three trips are ready for show. The first 312 images of an April 14th to May 7th 1989 trip to the Balkans. View images from Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. This trip is to a world that has passed with the collapse of communism and the break up of Yugoslavia. And less than two years later we have 240 images of an August 31st to September 15th 1991 trip to Central Europe through Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and a Czechoslovakia newly free of the Soviet Union.
Or 215 images of a tour of Spain, Marocco and Portugal, March 24th to April 9th 1990, Visit The Iberian Peninsula

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