Drug Wars


Seventy years ago the states passed their first laws prohibiting the "killer Mexican weed" marijuana, the "Chinese" opium, and the "killer Blacks" cocaine. The racial nature of the laws were not denied by the bigots of the early drug war. Eventually, because the States could not enforce the laws by themselves, they requested federal assistance. By the mid 1930's the federal drug war was in full swing. No attempt was made to prohibit the "killer weed" tobacco and the attempt to prohibit the most commonly abused drug, alcohol, was an admitted failure. This hypocrisy was hidden by denying that alcohol and tobacco are drugs.
Now the racial nature of the drug laws are denied, while the prisons are filled with black faces. Now the seventy year failure of the drug prohibition is denied while we march to a new war of gangs and murder on our streets. Now the prisons are full of drug dealers, while muggers, burglars, rapists, and child molesters roam our streets.
Which is more important, the safety of our children, homes, and streets or denying freedom of choice to drug users? Drug use can be controlled like the drugs alcohol and tobacco are controlled. Our streets, homes, and children can be safe if we stop this hypocritical drug prohibition.



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