Drug Wars

Do Not Use Drugs!

I want to be clear, do not think that drugs should be used for recreation or spiritual exploration. Drugs are dangerous and should only be used for medical needs and not for fun.
Even one use can lead you to lifelong consequences. Even if all drugs are made legal to adults you should not use any of them.
Drug use will not lead you to any place you want to be and will keep you out of places you where you do want to be. When you use drugs you end up spending your time with drug users. You see your friends and comrades devoured by drugs. You see your goals and values slip away in the mad chase to get that high back.
I suggest that for the best life you pursue knowledge and spiritual wisdom and avoid drug use. Use your life with wisdom, it is all you have.
Do not be lured into the trap of drug use.
Please to do not mistake my plea for justice and reason to achieve effective drug control as a desire for more drug use. Rather it is with a desire for effective drug control that does not cost us our liberties that I make these arguments.




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