Fractal Logic Footnotes

1. Allusions to teleological discourse within poststructuralist doctrine is intentional. It emphasises a holistic approach.

2. Dr. Thomas R. C. Sisson, 'Light does not merely lend illumination to human existence but exerts a powerful physical force on the body, affecting many compounds in the body' (Colour and Human Response, p. 20, 1978).

3. Logic' as proved by Mandelbro's mathematical rigour.

4. Or 'concepts' (Thousand Pleateaus, p. 17).

5. Due to the paradoxical nature of their logic, words are borrowed from the discourse of topology. If dichotomous logic has two poles, fractal logic encompasses these and the dimension between. Topological terminology compensates for paradox more effectively than conventional philosophical discourses.

6. I use these dichotomous terms solely for clarity. An 'Abstract' master-signified - or concept as 'a whole' (Thousand Plateaus, p.18) - may be partially composed of concrete signifieds, for example:

A 'concrete' master-signified may be partially composed of abstract signifieds, for example:

By this I mean the abstract/concrete dichotomy is asymmetrically linked.

7. An asymmetrical linkage.

8. 'The visual system can handle an information flow ten times that of all other sensory systems together' (The Luscher Colour Test, Open University, 1997).

9. My italics.

10. This reminds us of a ‘border skirmish’ (p.1).

11. My italics.

12. A secular equivalent would be a fugitive: 'unbound' from the law, but never 'free' in the potential infinity of his behaviour, as the 'finite' always confines him through a punishment, differed.

13. A 'strange attractor' is a artifact that can be represented through computer visualisation. It displays 'a system that is always unpredictable and yet, paradoxically, always resembles itself and is infinitely recognisable' (Fractals: the Patterns of Chaos, 1992). Rapp recorded the patterns of an electrical current from a rabbit's olfactory bulb, and obtained the mentioned results.

14. Satan accepts that heaven's throne is 'inaccessible' (I.231, Paradise Lost).

15. My italics.

16. My italics.

17. This 'liberty' does not extend to social recrimination - hence they are concealed in the drapery.

18. This should not be confused with Deleuze and Guattari's use of the word 'asymmetry'. They refer solely to geometric properties so do not include its pejorative connotations.

19. My claim, in 'Fractal Aesthetics', that an artform's intensity depends on fractal structures does not result in a negation of linear or symmetrical structures. It depends on the linear/nonlinear dichotomy (reterritorialization) in order for fractal-like or deterritorializing features to occur. Thereby, my findings do not conclude (or close) against or for any particular pole of this opposition. Reterritorialization and deterritorialization coexist to create a paradoxical process of opening-closure. Fractal logic engages this process, and in doing so engages itself in an endless state of flux.