The Dissolubility of Opposition

The philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari does not align itself to the determinism of the Enlightenment nor the nihilism of Poststructuralism. It seeks to occupy the dimension between and around this dichotomy, thus creating a holistic logic rather than a closed system based on opposition. They believe that theoretical models which confine themselves to the binary of self/other, such as Lacan's, are insufficient - how can these models discriminate between the subject and the Other when, beyond the subjects perception, s/he is situated within that system. For example, a person cannot perceive the top of their back unless it is represented to them - through a mirror, a photograph. Therefore, is it part of the self or the other? Moreover, does this example illustrate the of simplicity of dichotomous applications. Instead, Deleuze and Guattari re-invent subjectivity by asserting the relationship between 'I' and 'Not I'.

'"Not I" is paradoxically the space of the other within' and without
and " as the border of the self.'
(Feminism and Postmodernism, p.44, 1995)

Therefore the self and the Other are not poles of opposition but are asymmetrically inseparable. Their subjectivity is composed of 4 discourses that paradoxically define 'worlds' for the subject (for example, a physicists grasp of scientific discourse) but inconclusively because they are interpreted from one perspective.

'[Each world] is a whole because it totalizes its components,
but is a fragmentary whole.'
(What is Philosophy?, p18, 1991)

Fractal logic is a paradigm of differance because, within a transversalist model of subjectivity, worlds cannot exist without an asymmetrical relation to other worlds (just as the self cannot exist outside the other). Deleuze and Guattari use the 'rhizome' as a model for their subjectivity - the singular leafy stem of a plant depends on the network of roots which is hidden underground; in-between, the rhizome is, paradoxically, a border which actively links them together. The rhizome then fuses them together, asymmetrically.

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