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Welcome to Wes Hart's Miniatures On-line! Here you will find a few of the museum-quality miniatures available to you. Some items here are located in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, in the Kansas City Toy and Doll Museum, as well as several sites abroad, such as the Spanish National Museum in Madrid. Wes Hart specializes (but is not limited to) 1/12th scale functioning miniature arms, from Medieval to Modern. He has also done objects d'art that are displayed in international locations. Working grandfather clock 1/12 scale replicas of Wes' are displayed in the U.K., the particular clocks were modeled after are property of the British Royal Family. But everybody loves a fairy tale, which is why Wes created a 18kt solid gold Cinderella carriage, complete with platinum trim, opal windows, and sapphire hub caps (this particular item is not available in 1/12 scale design, as it is unique). However, you don't have to be a member of royalty, or have a museum's budget to purchase these tiny replicas. Wes has pieces starting at a price of $25. These are great gift ideas for the holidays, birthdays, or any miniature collector, or history buff. Wes' pieces are strictly authentic in historical detail. From the spires of his German W.W.I helmets, to the plates on a 15th-century suit of Italian armor, the painstaking research and detail are emphasized and visible on the tiny creations, and every piece can be made to work (with the obvious exception of people, plant, or animal renderings). For the non-perfectionist, non-working models are available at lower prices, but with the same beauty.

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