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Java 2 Examples

You need either MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The Sun Java 2 Plug-in will load automaticly, with your permission, and does not take very long. While loading these applets I have had both Explorer and Navagator lock up. I also have had system lock ups. Most the time they work fine.

WhatRain's Java 2 Examples

Taxi Dispatch Simulator

Here are two small projects that showed up on the java lists. They are in Java 2 only because that is the JDK I am using on other projects.
Radio Button Demo Random No Sense
The bug does not show up to the user and does not present any problems in this applet. It has been reported and will be fixed said nobody at Sun.
Java 2 JIT JRE Bug
Temperature Slider JSlider Demo

Sun Microsystem's Java 2 Examples

Fractals Sorting Algorithm
WhatRain Java Examples

JAVA is a tradmark of Sun Microsystems

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