Sun Microsystems Java 1.0 Examples

Sun Microsystems Java Samples as supplied with Microsofts J++
No alterations have been made to these samples each has been copied from CD, compiled by the compiler as supplied by Microsoft plus the most recent upgrade downloaded early January 1997.
I found these to load slowly and run slowly at first, but the do reach acceptable speed once fully initiated. The ones with graphics are the slowest. They are best approached with some patience.
Samples from the Java Development Kit from Sun Microsystems.

Animator: Demonstrates Animation ArcTest: Demonstrates Arc Drawing BarChart: Demonstrates Chart Drawing
Blink: Demonstrates Blinking Text BouncingHeads: Demonstrates Animation CardTest: Demonstrates CardLayout
DitherTest: Demonstrates Color Dithering DrawTest: A Line-Drawing Program Fractal: A Fractal-Drawing Program
GraphicsTest: Demonstrates Graphics Primitives GraphLayout: Demonstrates Auto-Layout Algorithm ImageMap: Demonstrates Images
ImageTest: Demonstrates Image Manipulation JumpingBox: Demonstrates Mouse Tracking MoleculeViewer: Demonstrates 3D Modeling
NervousText: Demonstrates Text Animation ScrollingImages: Demonstrates Scrolling SimpleGraph: Demonstrates Graphing
SpreadSheet: A Simple Spreadsheet Program TicTacToe: A Simple TicTacToe Program TumblingDuke: Demonstrates Animation
UnderConstruction: Demonstrates Animation and Sound WireFrame: Demonstrates 3D Modeling
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