Sun's Java 1.0 Examples

Bar Chart

<applet code="chart.class" width=251 height=125>

<param name=c2_color value="green">
<param name=c2_label value="Q2">
<param name=c1_style value="striped">
<param name=c4 value="30">
<param name=c3 value="5">
<param name=c2 value="20">
<param name=c4_color value="yellow">
<param name=c1 value="10">
<param name=c4_label value="Q4">
<param name=title value="Performance">
<param name=c3_style value="striped">
<param name=columns value="4">
<param name=c1_color value="blue">
<param name=c1_label value="Q1">
<param name=c3_color value="magenta">
<param name=c3_label value="Q3">
<param name=c2_style value="solid">
<param name=orientation value="horizontal">
<param name=c4_style value="solid">
<param name=scale value="5">
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