The LIP by T.G.


When Biffy comes home to stay we're gonna peg on the CT.
Slap the Montlake cars around - don't let them sit at the Burger King.

I can't stand vascillationg but if there's a sale on vasoline I'm first in line at Payless.
Does L.Don Bean really care about what I do with my lips.

What irks me most is people who can't see the forest for the trees.
Some can't see it when it happens over and over again.
There was a joke about 2 Lithuanians who bet whether, in a movie, John Wayne would fall off his horse or not. When one won the bet, he tried to tell the loser that he'd seen the movie before. The loser objected cause he'd seen the movie before too but didn't believe Wayne would fall off his horse again.
Those who persists in not picking up cues to help them survive, they are called Kingos. If they have friends they are a coven or Kingobear.

Popped in Kenmore, Shattered at the Weathered Wall

Alinge painted his West Taxi in '76 and wanted his Golden Eagle at Sea-Tac. The Eagle had multi-meter rates thanks to legislation passed by County Executive Randy Ravelle.
Alinge went on to write a book under Hunter Thompson's name, tried stand up comedy and did artwork for Jan Wenner. In his 40's he lives on a bus with no plumbing - but he doesn't care - and is waiting to spend another fortune.
He's been known to tell an asian waitress in the cab that geisha girls can be bought. A woman in the cab beat him with a purse at 150 and Pacific Highway South.
At the Kenmore Inn a black junkie saw through his crap, knew Alinge was a Kingo beach and beat him senseless.
At the Weathered Wall, it's beginning to sound like WWI his ass was kicked and windows broken in the cab he leased.
At Red Square Cab the dispatcher sent Alinge to Stevedore for a package. 20 year cab veteran asked Sid Bitchus for the address. Bitchus said 2900 or 3400 11 Ave. S.W. Alinge asked Good Bells, who refused to tell Alinge the address. Alinge said he'd never drive on Yelsin Avenue again. Good Bells said that would be fine.
A Russian driver suggested Alinge be the bridge over Lake Washington since 520 was closed. Alinge has been The Bridge ever since. Last week while another driver had a trip outta the Bridge Motel - The Bridge was beat up. Incidentally he's not a pervert - cause he's never had sex. But he's been popped.

And now for something completely different

Randy said that i easily quit smoking and drinking cuz I hardly did them. Oh if that were true. or even if true that I'd quit.
10 years ago a cab dispatcher belled me from the Paramount Apts. to Everret. A rear tire was bad and Randy at Lake Serene lent me a jack. Biff car no jack.
Randy would send me to the port. then Code 2 me and ask for food. I didn't appreciate being lured from Southcenter for his stomach. Paul asked him to stop.
Since Randy had his aneurism and neurological problems - his short term memory is sometimes gone. But he always says hi, always remembers I'm a dispatcher and sometimes calls me by name.
Randy and his brothers Ron and Jerry are very good people and if you ever do anything off the Internet, try and get to know them.
The other Terrence had his peg. re-started and declared no code fours on addresses of cash paying customers. Except Kingo type customers in the West Seattle and Rainier. Unless the customer cancels on the phone. MSC bells and Code ones are potential Code fours.

I'm on the Internet but I don't sail
Just fashion words words - Tim + Diane edit + neck
I've little to do with worlds of high tech mail
But you can browse where I hunt and peck

Becky loves me and wants me home and wants me home
The bell, the bus and snow derail me
Maybe she'll read of us in the web zone
Keeps threatening a new job awaits me

She's smart, Kicks butt
Doesn't wear a belt - her clothes fit
Loves movies, rock and Nogs Like Us the mutt
Loves best her babies even when bit

Don't cross the Glubicons -
Glessner, Gilbert, Gaffney or Grippy
Unless you can cross the Cimarron
Give me a week I'll be a yuppie

More Ducats

When CC explained to me and Bayleaf the streets between 1st NE and 1st NW; and from 9000 - 10000 in Rainier: He moved more real estate than Henrichs putting out bells.

The Bridge has decided to car pool. So he can double his chance of getting hes ass kicked ont the cab today. 2 X the passengers.
96 NOV 19 AM 4:58

CH 1 365-7420 Norm

Eide "Do you own a computer?... Then you'd understand this.
Bayleaf, "do you write?"
Lip "Once upon a time I was falling in love. Now I'm only cutting a fart... My Ricky he's so fine. He can take a bell at -49-"
96 DEC -9 PM 11:43

You are my son sheen
My only sun screen
You make me happy
When Mike Russell's orange
You'll never know deer how much I hate Dale
Someone took my Gedlu away
96 DEC 10 AM1:

Does RAD get all of our COOPrespondence or only that with sun screen?
96 DEC 10 AM 1:39

The Lip


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