The LIP by T.G.

We pool our resources,


I ride this bus
cause I fucked my car
My nose drips pus
I'm a stranded sand bar

My wife is tweeking
The apt.'s a mess
After 2 weeks it's leaking
Our marriage is cess

She's taught me to wait
Bliss doesn't happen overnight
It's a never ending? date
I fold when we fight

Don't get me wrong I shoot arrows
verbal, hot and all I got
land in the marrow
soon she'll bolt like a sparrow

Never expected to provide for a nest
Thought I'd leach along
Knew I was good - but wouldn't pass the test
And siphon from the strong

So I wait admonishments
She'll give me a year
She'll keep me outta garnishments
And cry in her beer


Do able Stand Darts
How can I pulverize
String along the truth
Increase the sweat from my lies
Pig out on soda and Babe Ruths.

I'm a pie junkie
A midnite soda drinker
Caught backing my own monkey
To brunettes I'm a winker.

How can I say I'm better than you?
Your hobbies are so predictable
indigo, red + blue.
You're on tract I'm untractable

I fail to remember
Remember to forget
All manner of Jan - Dec.
My memory doesn't aid or abet.

I pulled a tai chi to quit Bud.
Maybe this cleary can save our vows.
Or you'll flee this mud
how I can handle this Dow

There's no respite for a charge spender
Who can't achieve your love
won't admit a Jack in Box bender
Our hopes have fallen out of my glove


Gather Your Rosebuds where you may
Evergreens dapple and plum off King County roads
And won't outshine your dimples or clarity

Rhododendrons are a magnificot of color and bloom
Falling short of the treasures in your room

I'm a short timer -- a fuse to be replaced
I faced you with child's toys
About to be erased
Good only at making noise

You are more nimble than the goldfinch
More loyal than a migrating salmon
Keep getting me out of a pinch
But all I give you is famine.

So race to the next fish ladder
Survive the volts without me.
We're of different batter
Just in the same sea.

So swim to Lewiston
Or Kamloops
My love you're thru boostin'
No more hulas from my hoops

Roll on Columbia
We didn't make it to Bonneville
Let it be a
It's back to mono ville.


2 Letters $69.58 To Mail
Why didn't I mail your letter? ... yet I dote
No .29 stamp - no post office (as you demand) handy
Those .19 stamps can go for address change notes
Our love isn't smooth it's sandy

Tonite I work for Avtar
Last time I left 2 letter on Avtar's visor
And remembered they weren't mailed far
You lit into me like a despot Kaiser

You cut my licenses county & state
Came very close to ending our date
I had to pay the city $65 to boot
Those 2 letters cost a lotta loot

Why didn't I mail your letter ... yet I dote
No .29 stamp - no post office (as you demand) handy
Those .19 stamps go for address change notes
Our love isn't smooth it's sandy


I live on the point
Say what I do
If she didn't like it
I'm yesterday's crew

She can't take my distractions
She'll hook someone else
Then slip into in-action
Every moment is "or else"

"Find your own Q Tips"
"Walk your own dog"
May as well from my lips
Since I've already fallen off the log

She says divorce isn't Catholic
Neither is arm chair dictation
She calls me a spastic
I can arrange my defecton

"sure seems like one well placed no can kill the marriage."


Dying 100 Deaths
I didn't die at Attamont,
Thormopali, Bhopal or Brandenburg,
Sarajevo, Gallipoli or Nanking

But I fall 100 times
Whenever we go to

Your rules are contradicting
Your requests fly in the face
And I'm terrible for what I do
You ask for more before throwing me deep space

I broke a rule - you don't care
No matter which other request I filled
Our marriage is shot out of the air
Like Altamont, Thormopoli, Bhopal, Brandenburg,
Sarajevo, Gallipoli, and Nanking Killed


Dispersing assignments for my time

Instructions are lacking - I don't mind

But your contrary rules knock me on my but

You'll divorce me for following and missing the putt

Set rules are thrown - some daily chores

When shit hits fan I fucked up


You back me up against a wall and I'm Humpty Dumpty every time
Paint me with a million brushes
Flourescent hues, tracer blues - illuminate my bullrushes

I haven't changed - neither have you
It's over now - me & you.

My clutching you in bed, rubbing your back
Your ordering me to do a million things, cutting no slack

You try to evict me cause Victoria tickets won't work
And you blame it on waking you up and blabbing our mark

You won't be flexible and go out together
You've abandoned your friends-it's your work or my tether

Now you're abandoning me - you were too crunchy
And I fought back horizontal and grungy

If either of us let up a marriage could start
But you have the day and I the night

We don't make it a twilight
I'm too "retarded", grungy and you're too tight


You spit out sparks
Request our marriage to die
Call me jerk, retard
And request I pay next rent

My waking & groping habits are shit
And I wasn't able to change
When you went OrE 800/No Victoria trip fit
More unfair "Terrence-have fun" rage

So be a professional don't ask for a message
And cringe at how long I do it
You're no good at loving me
Just at how to shew it

All our rubbin' was on your terms
And I always kept at it after you slept
You presented your feet throughout the night
But yell like a banchee that I liked it so long

Now the only wife I have is frozen
in this song

There's not much marriage to string along
Not much hope the beacon will shine.

So I await the dance of death on our vows
I leave reluctantly but can find my man man


The Lip


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