The LIP by T.G.


I'm the lipster, the hipster
The guy with the grudge
Ill be polluting the air sir
Til I'm outta pudge

Can't handle your priviledges
Not liking your ease
Blow your bridges
And nurture from trees

Why you do it all
And know every rock
Is beyond too tall
Your shit is a crock

So keep from confiding to me
Dance on a different street
Cause when you try kneecapping me
You'll lose your feet

Black Bandana

I found a black bandana
thought it was blue
In the junction of darkness
Where the White River meets the soak

You're prettier than lilacs and tulips
Sharper than a poke in the eye
And ere I write another Lip addenda
You'll ask my love to share

So take this black bandana
This moment while we have love
Pretend you're Tim Robbins' Amanda
Wait a day before you give me the shore

You're really no better millions
We're all porcupines
Your Norweigans and Castillions
than my Mickey Finns shine

We're faulted, we're path-eyed
Servants of fault and guilt
And if you dislike my hopes & lies
More blood will be spilled

I have fault with your anger
And your perfect deeds that take forever
Remember the black bandana
I'm not Frank Tariara

It's tough being a Lip
editor, Everyone wants
stories about them--
One guy smoked 357
Camels while thwarting
a cat burglar.
Another guy sat and
took a ducat on the
chest, instead of
throwing a time clock.
We could've had a
another crack dispatcher.
more you listen, the
more you noe.
noe the Northwest.

10 finds 10
Amanda found #10 by
belling car to 3030 NE
143 St. But did they find
Haddie's wallet?

ROB - the reincarnation
of Spackle has returned.
Guard your phones and
time calls. Yes he has
asked for the time calls.
And overcharged a BW driver
or tried to.

Shaun has asked me
not to tell everyone
he's back. And not
to use his real name.
And not to yell at
him. And he's a Friend
of Tony Brouner.

Ogg's Right - "I wanna
drive." Buray's former
head dispatcher may
move to another company,
where he can get more
respect. What's wrong with
Sid & Randy telling you
what the flats are, or
where the rocks are when
you walk across the water.

Popside Papermo and this
radio guy named Greg have
not returned my calls lately.
I guess they are just too,
busy with their traffic.

Lizzie Borden's parents
home is now a bed &
breakfast. And her
picture looks like
Eliz. Montgomery
After the trial she
moved to a condo
across town. In
Fall River, Mass?
How many whacks mom? 40
for Dad? 41

That's what happened
to the Sullivans.
And their 14
year old neighbor
couldn't save
them. 4000°
at the back door.
Normally fire alarms whimper.
This one blew on low
3000 degrees

Chas & the Fab Four

"If ya wanna be a rock & roll
nog just listen now to what
I say. Just get an electric
guitar and a fat white chick
and learn how to play"

"Yesler Alki don't be late. Open
up your 23 gate."

I had a dream last night-
what a lovely dream it was. All of
the Biffys had their job back
"In Montlake at the Burger King.
And all of the Carp Secards
were riding on feathers."

I've always said the Beatles &
Charles Darwin would be powerful
"Comes time for EVOLUTION
oh no we don't wanna change
Field Museum. Which Jurassic
you be choosing? Well you know
we're gonna change 1400 E.
Pine instead. When you talk
about confections - don't
you know you can count
F & N out. And Foz is
gonna pee alright."

The Lip


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