Emerald League Fantasy Football Rules

The Draft:
Keeper round:
Established owners may decide to keep one player from his/her final roster from the previous season. Established owners who choose not to keep a previous player will draft in order after new owners but before the regular rounds.

Regular rounds:
The loser of the Toilet Bowl drafts first.
Owners will draw lots for order and reverse order each round. 16 rounds.
Owners have two minutes to choose. Choice is final when announced by owner. Pick will be recorded by Commissioner on official team register.

Team Roster:
14 players and 2 defensive units:
2 Quarterbacks
4 Running Backs
4 Wide Receivers
2 Tight Ends
2 Kickers
2 Defensive Units

Weekly Activation:
7 players and defensive unit:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 PK
Defensive Unit

Owners must get weekly game rosters to Commissioner by the midnight preceding the game. If you want to activate a player in a Thursday game he must be phoned in by Wednesday evening but you may choose to delay the rest of the roster until the midnight before the rest of the games. No retroactive postings. Rosters may be phoned in at 650-0292, e-mailed to commish at whatrain.com, or handed in in person. In the absence of a current game roster, the previous week's roster will stand regardless of BYEs or injuries.

Replacements and Trades:

Replacement = releasing a player and replacing him with a player from the pool remaining after the draft. Counts as a replacement. A player may be replaced without counting towards the limit if currently listed injured reserve or disabled/out by the NFL. An injury replacement must come from the pool, not another fantasy team.

Trade = between owners. Each player added to roster counts as a replacement. Trades not confirmed by all involved owners by the Wednesday preceding the game day will be ignored and the previous week's roster will be used.

There are 10 replacements allowed during regular season play. No replacements allowed during playoffs. (Excluding injury replacements)

Offensive Points Category
6 Rushing TD
6 TD Pass
6 TD Reception
3 Field Goal
2 2-pt Rushing Conversion
2 2-pt Passing Conversion
2 2-pt Reception Conversion
1 Kicking PAT
1 each 20 yards passing (e.g. 289 yds = 14 pts)
1 each 10 yards rushing/receiving
Each category is considered separately when scoring (i.e. 98 yds rushing and 2 yds receiving = 9 points; categories are not added to make 10 points)

Defensive Points Category
6 any DEF or Special Teams TD
2 Safety
2 each Sack, Interception, Opposition-Fumble Recovery, Blocked Kick
21 Shutout
14 1-10 Points Allowed
7 11-20 Points Allowed
0 21+ Points Allowed