Roster Moves

Wk 14:
PickleHeimers drop WR M. Muhammad, Chi, pick up WR C. Chambers, Mia (6/10)

Wk 13:
Colin drops RB A. Green, GB, picks up RB R. Williams, Mia (UIR)

Wk 12:

Wk 11:
Oxen drop RB R. Williams, Mia, pick up RB S. Gado, GB (6/10)

Wk 10:

Wk 9:

Wk 8:
Oxen drop RB M. Barber, Dal, pick up RB K. Jones, Det (5/10)
Amazons drop WR D. Jackson, Sea, pick up WR B. Engram, Sea (UIR)

Wk 7:
Oxen drop QB T. Dilfer, Clv, pick up QB J. McCown, Az (3/10)
Amazons drop WR R. Williams, Det, pick up WR E. Moulds, Buf (6/10)
Oxen drop RB K. Jones, Det, pick up RB M. Barber, Dal (4/10)

Wk 6:
Oxen drop RB D. McAllister, NO, pick up RB R. Williams, Mia (UIR)
Oxen drop WR D. Bennet, Ten, pick up WR S. Moss, Wa (2/10)
Amazons drop WR B. Lloyd, SF, pick up WR T. Glenn, Dal (5/10)

Wk 5:
PickleHeimers drop QB J. Harrington, Det, pick up QB M. Brunell, Wa (4/10)
PickleHeimers drop WR B. Stokley, Ind, pick up WR J. Jurevicius, Sea (5/10)
Amazons drop WR E. Moulds, Buf, pick up WR J. Galloway, TB (4/10)

Wk 4:
PickleHeimers drop TE B. Franks, GB, pick up TE C. Anderson, Oak (2/10)
PickleHeimers drop TE M. Campbell, Buf, pick up TE S. Heiden, Clv (3/10)
Amazons drop WR D. Carter, Car, pick up WR B. Lloyd, SF (3/10)
Oxen drop QB C. Pennington, NYJ, pick up QB T. Dilfer, Clv (UIR)

Wk 3:
Oxen drop WR C. Chambers, Mia, pick up WR T. Houshmandzadeh, Cin (1/10)
Amazons drop RB C. Brown, Ten, pick up RB S. Davis, Car (2/10)

wk 2:

Oxen drop WR J. Walker, GB, pick up WR K. McCardell, SD (UIR)
Amazons drop RB W. Green, Clv, pick up RB W. Parker, Pitt (1/10)
PickleHeimers drop DEF Cardinals, pick up DEF Lions (1/10)

wk 1:

The Teams

The SteelHeads


ZZ Toppenish


Desert Rats


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Crown Hill Clubbers


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