Carmel of The Pater
Aerial View

Aerial View of the Carmel of the Pater on the Mount of Olives
In addition to these serious long-standing problems, two urgent ones have arisen in recent times: the roof and extreme humidity on the lower floors of the monastery, as explained in Plans - Urgent Needs.

The Sisters are therefore embarking on a Three-phase restoration program to:

  • Phase I: Overall Analysis of Monastery - Completed
  • Phase II: Structural Project Study - IMMEDIATE AND URGENT NEED
  • Phase III: Correct the urgent problems concerning the ROOF and the HUMIDITY
SOUTH WING: Over the Sisters' rooms there are incorrectly positioned beams which do not afford adequate support to the roof. Aerial View of Carmel of The Pater WEST WING: Water leakage problems next to the nuns' choir, weaking wall structure.
NORTH and EAST WINGS: Excess of reinforced concrete poured on the roof with its red tiles embedded into the concrete, creating a top-heavey roof.

Please make DONATIONS to help with these urgent needs.

Carmel of The Pater

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