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Carmelite Monastery

II. Carmelite Monastery

The Princess of La Tour d'Auvergne also built next to the Grotto and the Church , a large monastery confided to the Carmelite nuns who have occupied it since 1873. As spiritual gaurdians of the Grotto and the Eleona, the nuns are living reminders of the importance of the "Our Father" in the life of all Christians.

Though a certain number of significant repairs have been made over the years, the monastery building has never been properly brought into the 21st century, particularly its infrastructure. For example, the sisters have no hot water in their rooms; the electrical network is in very poor condition; the sewage system is faulty and inadequate and the central heating system does not extend to all the residential areas of the building. Consequently, much of the building is cold and damp in the wintertime. These sub-standard living conditions tend to discourage young religious from Western countries from joining the community. The infrastucture is in serious need of a general overhaul.

What impact on Evangelization do we, as cloistered Latin Catholic Carmelites, have in a multi-cultural and multi-religious community in the Middle East? Our witness is a silent one, it is a Eucharistic presence of prayer. It is to bring an awareness of a living God to all His children - to Jews, to Moslems and to peoples of all faiths and backgrounds. It is not to "convert" them. It is to accept them as they are, as our brothers and sisters. By the very nature of the Prayer for which our Carmel is named, The Lord's Prayer, we are ecumenical. It is our desire and hope to build bridges of communication and understanding and to welcome each soul to this holy site where Our Lord Himself prayed.

We are a French founded and French speaking Carmel, but international. This diversity is a challenge, but also very enriching and it would seem only right that here in the Holy Land, on the Mount of Olives - a mountain so holy to so many - such diversity should be represented.
Grotto Most Luminous
Grotto Most Luminous

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Carmel of The Pater

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