Highway 99 Tithe

Ho! Ho! Hos!

Come in threes
on Aurora Avenue!
A quickie for a twenty
a hundred for the works.
What you see is what you get.
Scrawny, fat, queebin' or queenly--
tain't nothin' for free.

Come one, caome all!
'Tis Christmas year 'round!
All the whoppers cruise the holes
in fishnet stockings--
dying to get in,
where most regulars swim
to get out.

Oh! But, come on! Let's revel!
There's picking on each branch
strung up and down
in bright swollen lights.
There's hungry eyes
and tattooed breasts--
a few rare tight asses
for the rest.
Now! Don't you merry shoppers rest
'til you put your dime
In Salvation's slot.
It's St. Nicke's Ass
to be bought!
365 days a year!

Toni Oliver

Toni divides her time between the Alaska fishery and her Seattle home, which is quite near Aurora Avenue.

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