Aspiration in the Air

When the child Aes fetal mind is exposed to
pain, He gazes to the skies to seek something
divine, yet intangible. The divinity seems to
be nothing more than precipitation, Leaving
the child wet, cold, alone.

He is swept out to a sea of love, hate, crime,
and corruption. Overwhelmed by the
insignificance of his existance, Astonished by
the apathetic civilization surrounding him, He
experiences vacancy that will only be filled
with melancholy.

The light perceived to be present at departure
was only a creation, Established for the child
to give him a sense of security and faith.
That security soon becomes unsecure as the
child grows, He matures intellectually which
causes suspicion, uncertainty, and skepticism.

The child goes through the motions and
continues, He resumes because that is his
culture, With nothing in front or behind him
he proceeds. The future holds only what he
makes of his existance.

-Jeffrey Flynn

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