Cat would not have a name like fluffy or boots or samantha
Cat would be known as Full Moon Eyes and this would be her poem:


Full moon eyes catching the tiniest reflection of the stars across the sleek coat of a warm and hopeful paw

Ears cupped catching the footfall beneath the earthen roofed tunnel

The sweet fragrance of a seed of grass cracked open by the rodent tooth

Sets the appetite on edge to enjoy a sweet repast on the warm Summer's Eve

Her whisker's gently curled, the claw encased in velvet fuzz

Balanced on warm round fat pads tucked beneath the fine bones and sinew

Slowly rises to meet the moment carrying the crisis to it's home

It's Time to step into the struggle and Life to end it's song

Swift nip and severs neck from back He lies cradled in her paw

She licks his face in grateful gestured love

Carol Wolf

Smokey Joe's Poetry Corner

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