Sister Free

Swing away from a crowd
shake the dust from your hair
realize your life is trackless land
make paths that last a day
lift your bangled arms into the sun
walk with a stranger
walk with a friend

Sister Free
Sister Free

dance and shimmy on your booted feet
walk and walk and lead the sun
stop for a swim somewhere cool and blue
carry no maps; sleep under new stars
lie with a stranger
lie on your own

Sister Free
Sister Free

raise your head and fall into the sky
let all your balloons float away
wash your hair in the rain
write your name in the rolling tide
love a man love a woman
and leave them both free

Sister Free
Sister Free

let go Let go go on
unlock your own chains

Sister Free
Sister Free
let go let go go on

for Amy D., Brenda C. & Michelle T.

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