Though I wish with all my heart
To help to make your burden light,
I know I cannot make you suffer less.

I can offer almost nothing
To release you from your pain,
And also nothing to improve your life.

I can only share my joy in being here,
To commiserate with you
In this moment of your journey.

But I am here and conscious,
And really present with you in this moment
And in this Present I am you and you are me.

There is no goal nor any destination,
Unless we go in unison.
Know our souls are bound together
And bound to all the universe.

Give me what you can
Of your enlightenment
And I'll share mine with you.

For I can't fly without your wings,
And you can't really see without my eyes.
And the only truth is what together,
We both reveal and recognize.

For no one can ever in Nirvana be,
Until in every soul
Compassion's effervescent light
Burns bright in all
And calls us all
To one communal flight.

by Phil