A place of growth
A space of silence
And a moment to enlighten
A journey of joy and hope
A mystic flight
Our hearts and minds to brighten
A place for souls to center
A house of trust we can always enter
A place to shed the heavy daily yoke
And share the humor of the cosmic joke
Take this single simple step to be my friend
What we can give each other
will have no end

God gives this moment,
Whatever it is,
As it is.
Forever it is
As it is.

It is at times a ride down a raging river;
a torrent of tears
An endless, painful, hopeful, dismal and joyous
journey through the years. Its all-enveloping love
and light And its simply sinking into gray. Its
black, its bland, its bright.
This friendship is whatever it is
As it is
And forever this moment
As it is.

by Phil

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Poem Copyright © 1998 Phil

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