Rainbows In My Eyes

You passed through my soul
With a tornado's desolation.
Leaving me bowed, alone, in pain,
in anguished isolation.
I stand here devastated
to the very core of me.
In shock I strive to begin assessment
of the damage that I see.
With lovely crystal sculptures
You helped me fill the hall
Then came and shattered everything
to broken glass reduced it all.
Iım left with hopeless loneliness
and shards upon the floor.
Iım left the hopeless task of making
something of it.
Something new and maybe even
something more
How, of broken dreams and shattered heart,
Assemble something else
that will not simply fall apart
How make of this, a form that makes some
I know only here and now
I must return to present tense.
I must expose my feelings to myself,
Not to know or analyze,
But to ascertain gestalt-Aha-
Transcendent truth to realize
Life is poignant and we are always free
to grasp all sides of paradox, if we will only see.
So Iıll walk on alone, as I have for many years,
Smiling through my tears. Sunlight in the skies
Rainbows in my eyes

by Phil

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