Logic Puzzle

Yellow Cab Night Shift

Mike and the other night drivers of Yellow Cab were gathered in the drivers' room, talking about their trips that night. They each had driven one regular customer, who paid a different fare and gave a different tip. One fare was $3.40 and one driver did not get a tip.

  1. Chad did not get the 60 cent tip.
  2. Neither Chad nor Butch received the $3.60 tip. Mary did not tip $3.60.
  3. Austin received the $2.00 tip.
  4. Tim drove the $10.00 fare but did not get the 60 cent tip, or the $1.80 tip.
    Neither Mary or Steve rode with Tim or tipped 60 cents or $1.80.
  5. Three of the trips were the one driven by Butch, the one driven by Chad and the fare that cost $2.60. Of these three trips the tips were 60 cents, $1.80, and $3.60.
    Mr. Anderson did not take one of these three trips.
  6. Mrs. Parboil did not take the $5.20 trip. She did not tip 60 cents.
  7. One driver received $13.40 as the fare.

Who drove Mr. Schultz?


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