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In Search of a Solid Foundation for Universally Binding Legal Human Rights

Table of Content



The rational reconstruction of political orders

General assumptions about the Nature of human beings

Deduction of the formation of political communities

Of the possibility not to enter in any relationships with any other human beings

Of why human beings enter social relationships

The creation of cooperative systems

Important peculiarities of cooperative systems

The fiction of authority (but useful fiction) for all organizations

Of why universal legal human rights cannot properly rest on a legal positivist conception of law

The nature of political systems

Practical Reason in social context (or what is morality?)

An account of the moral law

Is it possible to distinguish between the "desirability" of two actions that come out moral according to the standards for the moral law set out above?

Moral rights

A distinction between moral order, political order and legal order

The moral order

The economic order

The rational political order

The rational legal order

The rational foundation for Universal legal human rights

Objections to the views set out above

Inability to relate to reality

Family rights

Cultural rights


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