Skyfoot Goddess Glass Title Bar

Goddess Altars Lamps
Tables Custom Windows

Demeter and Persephone
Demeter and Persephone
58" x 28" window frame, foiled, $1100

The Story
The Panels

the birth of the pleiades
Pleiades Birthing
24" circle in oak frame, foiled

11 critters in the jungle
Michael's Critters
18 x 24, 214 pieces, foiled

Butterfly with names in her wings
approx 10 x 14, 208 pieces, foiled
My friend's daughters' names are designed into each wing.

Goddess Holding the Earth up in her arms
22 x 18, 35 pieces, leaded
My first piece.

Sarasvathi, Goddess of Art and Literature, seated on a lotus flower with her sitar.
18 x 24, approx 220 pieces, foiled
2nd place winner 1999 Puyallup Fair