Taxi Dispatch Simulator

You need the Sun Java 2 Plug-in.

Taxi Dispatch Simulator

Load Taxi Dispatch Simulator
This applet tests the effects of different dispatch policies by creating two syncronized "cities" starting with the same cabs and receiving the same calls but each dispatching according to it's selected policy. Each city is seven and a half miles by five miles. The cabs move at 30 miles an hour and are paid two dollars a mile. The cabs are represented with a green dot when vacant, a yellow dot while on the way to a call,and a black dot when occupied. The calls are represented by the time, in minutes, that the call is taken. The numbers are red when the call has not been dispached and blue when a cab is on the way. Before you start the simulation you can set the number of cabs to 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 but the number of cabs can not be changed during the simulation. The policies and business volume may be changed during the simulation. Calls are cancelled after 2 hours of not being served

The four policies are:
  1. First availiable cab to oldest call
  2. First availiable cab to closest call
  3. Closest availiable cab to oldest call
  4. Closest availiable cab to closest call
The business volume options are:
  1. Two calls every five minutes
  2. Four calls every five minutes
  3. Six calls every five minutes
  4. Eight calls every five minutes
  5. Ten calls every five minutes
The time is displayed in Days:Hours:Minutes

Load Taxi Dispatch Simulator
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