Rain Drop Seattle Rain Drop
Rain Drop Taxicabs Rain Drop

Rain Drop Farwest Taxi
Large Fleet
Computer Dispatched
South County
Rain Drop North End Taxi
Small fleet
serving north King County
and South Snohomish County

Rain Drop Northwest Taxi
Small fleet
serving Seattle mostly Downtown

Rain Drop Orange Cab
Large Fleet
serving all of King County
All experienced drivers
Computer dispatched
South County
Rain Drop STITA
Sea-Tac Intenational Taxi Association.
Rain Drop Yellow Cabs
Largest, oldest and computer dispatched. The only fleet allowed to wait in Sea-Tac Airport. Other companies must be called.
South County

All Seattle Taxi Cabs operate at the same rate set by King County.
$2.50 Meter Drop
$2.00 per Mile
50 ¢ per minute
Waiting Time
50 ¢ per extra passenger
over two, excluding minors.
Downtown to Sea-Tac Airport $28 flat.
Depending on the current price of gas, there may be a surcharge of $1 or more per trip.

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