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Phil let me create a website for his family photos.A Century of Family Photographs It led to his sister finding him after not seeing each other for 37 years. Read Joyce's Story of finding her brother.

Phil and Joyce

Steven submitted his philosophy paper FRACTAL LOGIC eight years ago but has recently gotten a book deal from the page.

Detail from a Lake Sentani, New Guinea, bark cloth.

What doors will open for you if you get that page you have been thinking about?

Web Design

If you like my work and need a commercial or personal site designed that is fast-loading and highly accessible please order online or contact me or call me (206)898-4646 for schedule and cost estimates.($30/hour)

Web Hosting

For your own fully featured web site and domain order online

Internet Consulting

If you are a webmaster having problems with your HTML, JavaScript, installing a Java applet, or other problems I can usually spot the problems by examining the code. Give me a call (206)898-4646 or contact me and I will try to set you right at minimal cost.

Programming * Java * JavaScript * C# * EJB * JSP * PHP * SQL

Custom programming in Java, JavaScript, C#, or PHP, $75/hour.
Java applets * JavaScript Applications * JSP EJB Applications * PHP MySQL Applications
Please contact me or call (206)898-4646 for schedule and cost estimates.

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